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The Sony A7III & why we bought it in 2021

Sony A7III | Tom Dahm

THE SONY A7III SET A NEW STANDARD IN CAMERA TECHNOLOGY. The Sony A7III is a fantastic camera for any session that requires us to be outside of our studio and on the move. -Tom Dahm THE SONY A7III | AUTOFOCUS & TOUCHSCREEN The Sony A7III’s autofocus system is the main reason we upgraded from the A7RII. It utilizes Sony’s 4D Focus system (Area, Depth, and…



Chicago in the Summer | Tom Dahm

THIS CITY. Chicago has a way of making you feel like it’s built for you but will never give itself to you. The city breathes, and its people are always working. It’s a blue-collar city, and there’s no denying it. Michael Douglas said once, “I’m impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype; New York is talk, Chicago is work.” There’s a trick to the whole thing…


360 As Photography

360 imaging is capable of so much more than people expect. I think 360 is still very much in the niche market, but is gaining momentum to leave it very rapidly. I took advantage of...…