What's In My Camera Bag?

Back when I used to capture only street photography, I would frequently be asked what I carry with me. While that load out has certainly changed, it may not be in the way you think.


This is my (almost) daily bag set up in its most current iteration. First, lets talk about the bag itself. Its a BAGSMART professional DSLR camera backpack and its huge. Its a really robust, heavy bag, but don't be scared. It will hold everything you need. Pretty much ever. Its well compartmentalized, customizable, and has sections dedicated for other things than you camera gear.

Up top you have a roll-top compartment for a hoodie or jacket, etc.


I use mine for my Chrome Industries tool roll (sadly this has been discontinued) that I use to carry spare cords, a portable charger, and miscellaneous bits and pieces; as well as a light hoodie.

It has a fully integrated rain cover that stows away underneath the bag so its hidden as well. Its dope.

Inside, I have two camera bodies. The Sony A7RII and the Sony A6400. The A7RII is what the bulk of my images are taken with because of its full frame sensor, high megapixel count (42.8), and its just a beast. The A6400 on the other hand is seeing more and more use a stills rig. I primarily use it for video right now, and it a vloggers best friend. (There's plenty of reviews on Youtube, but if you'd like me to do one LMK in the comments below)

The lenses I carry are the Tamron 28-75, and the Sigma 20mm 1.4. I find the Tamron absolutely incredible (dare I say better than the Sony 24-70 G master) and the Sigma is no slouch either. Its ultra wide and 1.4 for that depth tho.


The drone I carry with me is the

Yuneec Mantis Q.

Its an incredible fast, high resolution drone that Ive absolutely fallen in love with. It shoots 4k video, can be controlled by voice, and has all the usual auto modes. Oh, it shoots raw DNG as well. Battery life is pretty good when you're not in "sport mode". But I carry a total of three batteries because hitting up to 44mph is too much fun.

For editing projects on the go, I also carry a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It’s a little outdated, but still handles most things I need it to do out in the field like real time photo editing for on the job posting, short video work, and even tethering if I need it to. I plan to update it soon, but its still super functional so I'm not in too big of a hurry. Its also cheap if you buy one nowadays, so theres that.

I also carry other bits like a cleaning kit, tripod, mic for the A6400, and snacks.

But that's basically it… The load out changes from here to there but the only real changes then are lenses. Lately I’ve been really into my vintage primes and shooting street stuff with those. More on that another time.